Triple bottom line : People Planet Profit

Since its inception, èDMé has aimed to work in a spirit of sustainable development.

Our inspiration is the Triple Bottom Line (3P), by which we assess our performance from three perspectives:

  • social performance: the impact of our activities on our stakeholders and on where we live and work (People);
  • environmental performance: our energy use and impact on the ecosystems (Planet);
  • economic performance: a vote of confidence for our clients and of sustainability for our business structure (Profit).

Sustainable development is complex. Every day the world learns a little bit more from the ever-growing body of research and scientific experiments on sustainable development.

The existing measures of sustainable development are numerous, intricate, constantly changing, and often designed for large companies only.

In order to measure our results against forecasts, we periodically test various forms of synthetic performance indicators that we then submit to third parties—sometimes even to visitors to our web site.

We are attentive to our internal performance, but also to our influence on our partners' performance.

Below is the current format of the èDMé Triple Bottom Line performance indicators.
For questions on our methodology, or for reactions and comments, please contact us at
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If you agree with us that your performance as measured by the Triple Bottom Line is a motivating factor that can improve your business efficiency, please contact us. We’d be pleased to design your own performance indicators.