Triple bottom line performance indicators

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A property firm, expert in affordable housing. An ethical business, anxious to measure its performance in accordance with the sustainable-development triptych:Planet, People, Profit.

Operating environment

The client’s operations are clearly a model for sustainable development, yet no performance indicators exist that allow stakeholders to compare performances with those of other companies in the same sector, particularly companies less sensitive to the importance of human and environmental resources.


The managers and their teams want a performance-measurement tool.


We listen in order to fully understand the company’s vision and sector, its challenges, and especially its difficulties:organizational, material, and in terms of scheduling and availability.


We provide a simple software tool for scheduling that is adapted to the company’s size. The program is robust enough to analyze resource allocation. We ensure that the client’s teams are able to integrate the solutions we deliver.

Added value

We work by aligning our schedules with those of the client.


The budget depends on the size and complexity of the company and its activities, the operating environment, and the number of client representatives involved. Fess for past missions of this type range from €4,500 to €16,400 (excl. tax).