A social enterprise in the property sector.

Operating environment

In the event of a call to tender, bidders must quickly produce an income statement, balance sheet, WCR analysis, and five-year cash-flow statement.


The format of the documents is imposed by the party awarding the contract. The company’s resources are limited, and its time is already booked for other priorities. Documents must be filed within a strict deadline.


Working from existing accounting and forward-looking documents, and in consultation with the client, we clarify the meaning of the figures to be reported. This allows users of the financial statements to better understand the numerous links among the company’s business segments, its objectives, and the results reported in the financial statements.


We deliver the documents on time and in the required format. The financial statements include formulas that ensure consistency in the income statement and balance sheet, the WCR composition, and the cash flow statement.

Added value

We can work at a moment’s notice and are equipped for remote work. We provide support to answer any technical questions that might arise from users of the documents we have produced.


The budget depends on the size of the structure, and on the complexity and volume of the documents to be processed.

Fees for past missions of this type range from €250 to €2,250 (incl. tax).