A growing start-up that needs flexibility.

Operating environment

Although the business is ambitious and has transparent governance, it still needs to reassure investors and develop its teams' economic and financial culture.


The business’s financial resources are limited and insufficient for a full-time CFO. The business is not yet big enough for the major audit and accounting firms.


We study how financial obligations can be fulfilled with flexibility and at a reasonable cost.

We guide the company’s growth and adapt it as needed.


The business enjoys bespoke support functions.

Added value

Our assistance is both technical and practical.


The budget depends on the size of the structure, the complexity of the environment, and the level of assistance required. Three formulas are available: short-term occasional network assistance, micro-coaching assistance in the form of regular working meetings, and assistance in the form of a part-time CFO .

Using the part-time formula, the head of a very small enterprise is able to bring a CFO on board for less than €2,000 per month.